Content Creation for Material Handling

Content creation ie blogging, video and other media (done correctly) is the best ways to get to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Why?material handling marketing consulting

Google Loves it

Google and the other search engines love new, fresh content that is a value to your customers.  That means you get higher rankings. Higher rankings mean more clicks, more clicks mean more leads. And we all want more leads, right?


First, it is evergreen. Meaning that once you post it, well unless you forget to pay for your server, it will always be there. It illustrates that you are a knowledgeable company without you having to make the point face to face or cold call or telling every Tom, Dick and Harry.

It works 24-7. Wouldn’t you love that from your sales team, that kind of commitment you usually only get from Junior execs on wall street.  But you get that from great content.

Let’s Do that!

MHM can help you create that great content.  Content that isn’t just 5 cents a word for a blog article.  Content that gets at the heart of your business.  Your culture and what you bring to your customers

Want to learn more about how you can help market your company? Download our parent’s company’s Guide to Marketing for Industrial and Manufacturing Companies.