My first job in material handling was with a large, well-known manufacturer. When I arrived there, the marketing department’s responsibility was to organize trade shows and help with sales support, i.e., make sure there were enough brochures.

One year later I was the Director of Marketing for the automation division and my plan for content creation, website development, and social media was adopted by the 2+ billion dollar company. I was in charge of training our subsidiaries in multiple divisions how to market our solutions.

We improved YTD inbound leads by 1,200%.material handling marketing

I say this not to brag, well mostly not to brag, but to say while what you may have been doing in the past is good, there is always room for improvement.

Take a Look

Have you taken a long hard look at your marketing and decided there might be something missing?

Is your website optimized for SEO?

Do you think you get all the leads you could at trade shows?

Are you always working on putting new content up for the world to position your business as a thought leader?

Most importantly are your competitors already working on these questions?

Separate yourself from the herd and let your voice be…. umm, heard.

Want to see how we can help you?  Let’s talk.

Why Material Handling Marketing?

You Get Niche Service

I work with material handling companies.  And I know the market after working with manufacturers, distributors and system integrators. That means that I am focused on the market and whatever I learn I can share with you, vs. some local website designer who is trying to be everything to everyone.

One Neck

A principal of the company will always be your contact. That means that I am the one who you call or email and that’s the guy who gets back to you. Handsome devil, isn’t he?

Not Just Design

I can (and do) function as an outsourced marketing firm for material handling companies.  Whether it is website design, maintenance, video, event marketing, print, public relations, etc.  I am your man.

So let’s get started, contact me now.