Prices for Material Handling Marketing

I hate going to a website and not being able to get an idea of what price I would pay for services.  So as a ballpark, here is what you can expect from Material Handling Marketing.


New sites usually run between $3,000 to $8,000. OK, so what do you get for that?website design from material handling marketing

This Includes

  • Mapping of Website, so we know where to put everything
  • Domain consultation, so you make sure you have the best domain for your company
  • Design and Creation of new website with at least 7 standard pages
  • Adherence to your brand standards (colors, logos etc.)
  • Research of at least 5 keywords to target, so you get found easier for phrases that your customers are searching
  • On-page Search Engine Optimization, so people can find your new site
  • 3 Landing Pages (contact page, etc), so you can tell people your story and have them contact you
  • Form completion, so people can get in touch with you
  • Blog design, hosting and initial creation, so you can share your thoughts with your community
  • Pre-Launch consultations,  so you get what you want
  • Post-Launch consultations (3 hours)
  • Google Analytics  account creation, we will send you a monthly report of how your site is performing
  • Optimization of site for mobile, so people can interact with your site on the go
  • Connect to relevant social networks, so you can showcase your different platforms
  • Add sharing buttons to pages and post, so people can easily share your content to social networks
  • Redirect of old site main page, so you keep any link juice you might have

The above price depends on the size of the project, any ancillary items I am adding if I am creating content if I am adding video or images that I have to find and buy and what design we implement.

Added Bonusmaterial handling marketing consulting

Because We Love Saving You Money!

In addition one of the great things about my sites is that you don’t need me to make small changes on the site after I am done.

That means no nickel and diming if you want to change some text or add a picture.  You can do it.

That also means changes get done fast!

All of the sites are hosted on the cloud so you can get to them and edit to your heart’s content.

It’s Easy

One of your post-consultant hours can be traded for an hour of training.   If you can operate a windows software you can make simple changes on your new site.

Ready to get started?!

Website Maintenance/SEO

My normal fee for maintenance is $95 an hour. However, when I am working on a larger project or you buy a monthly package of hours it goes down.  You can also save by buying hours in bulk.

Trade Show/Event Marketing

This is done on a per-project basis. Prices start at from $500 Effective Marketing from Material Handling Marketing

Outsourced Marketing

Most of the outsourced marketing is done on a recurring basis with a 3-6- or 12-month commitment.  Prices range from $500 to $3,000 per month. There are discounts for larger hour packages that are purchased in advance.

Other things

Everything else is done on a project basis.