Trade Show Consulting

Get a better ROI from Your Trade shows

You are spending many thousands of dollars on trade shows.  That’s every show.  You pay at least 5 grand on the concrete that you rent for a week.  Don’t you want to maximize your return?material handling tradeshow marketing

You take your people out of their normal routine for days, sometimes weeks and the opportunity costs for trade shows is tremendous, but the rewards can be tremendous as well.

Material Handling Marketing takes a three-step approach to trade shows.

1. Overall Marketing Strategy.

  • How to pick your theme and message to the show to bring you the most traffic.
  • Why you can have a great show even with a “horrible” booth location
  • What marketing avenues and channels to pick to have the best show ever

2. Pre-show marketing including

  • email design and blast
  • print advertising
  • social networking
  • content creation
  • public relations

You name it.  Whatever will get more of your core prospects in your booth.

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3. Staff Training

  • Does your staff know the 10 reasons prospects ignore your booth?
  • Does your staff know how to Funnel and Feed?
  • Do they know how to triage leads and how to treat everybody that comes in your booth?
  • Do you know that new leads are NOT the only reasons for trade shows?
  • How to make sure you always have coverage at the busiest time of days

If the answer to any of these questions is a  “NO” let’s talk.

We have increased qualified leads by over 28% in shows where we have worked this same system.

If you let Material Handling Marketing help you with your event you will be in a better place than 75% of your competitors.

It just takes some planning, training, and will to make the best show you have ever had.

Want to learn more about Trade Show Strategy? Download our partner 366 Marketing’s Industrial and Manufacturing Trade Show Strategy Guide.