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Website Design and Maintenance

Your website is the face of your company. Heck, it may be the only face that some of your customers and prospects ever see. Let's make it better.

Trade Show and Event Marketing

Effective Event Marketing from Material Handling Marketing
You are spending 10's of thousands of dollars on trade shows. Shouldn't you make sure you aren't screwing them up?

Marketing Consulting

All of marketing is a based on a story. Whether it is a story you tell you about your company or the story that customers share. It all comes down to stories. Material Handling Marketing helps you tell your story, better and louder.

Are You Throwing Away Your Marketing Budget?

Even if you build a great material handling website, and have the best advertising and a kick butt PR writer, you will fail with your marketing. “If I have these awesome components, why do I need a strategy?  They are all on separate channels (print, web, online, offline, etc…) what does it matter if I […]

It’s Not Just Leads, 3 Reasons to Love Your Website

Sometimes I talk to people in the material handling industry about web development, who clearly could benefit from a new website, and I get the oddest excuses. Want to hear my favorite? “We don’t need a new website because we have too many leads already.” Yep, people say that. My first response to that is […]

Don’t Make This Huge Mistake on Your Website

What’s the second most visited page after your homepage? Take a guess. Give up? The About page. People must be really interested in you, right? Nope, Nobody cares. Really. Despite all of the clicks on your about page. I think the problem is the name. People care about what you can do for them, not […]